About WBG Enterprises, LLC

WBG Enterprises, LLC, dba, It-s (Innovative Transportation Solutions) is owned by Bob and Jeremy Bachman. The father and son team have been in Bonita Springs, Florida since 1984, having relocated from Iowa. Bob transferred with a national development company and managed the Florida division until 1994 when he purchased the local operation.

Bob and Jeremy have worked together since 1996 in the areas of development, real estate and rentals, and maintenance and remodeling. During that time they have also been licensed as independent and franchise vehicle dealers.

Over the past several years they have explored both new and used options for vehicles that are more fuel efficient, street legal, and economical. This search lead them to become new vehicle dealers for scooters and enclosed three wheeled motorcycles. Subsequently they transitioned to more commercial uses for the three wheeled motorcycles by becoming the Florida Dealers for metermaid vehicles in 2012.

Most recently It-s has become the dealer for Xtreme Green Vehicles, Vantage Vehicles, and CitEcar golf cart products. The Vantage Vehicles are available in either gas or electric versions with the Xtreme Green and CitEcar products being all electric.

As time goes on It-s will continue to explore additional special purpose products that are compatible with those already represented.

It-s also sells accessories and other compatible items for their vehicles and provides parts and service on the vehicles they sell.

Bob and Jeremy look forward to meeting with and demonstrating how these products can provide reliable and economical service to fit your needs.